Green Hosting

Our green website hosting is powered 100% by renewable electricity, all year round.

Our Centro datacentre in London, which houses the hosting servers, routers and cooling systems runs entirely on wind generated energy from ScottishPower Renewables' UK wind farms. Because the energy is supplied via the grid, the power does not stop if the wind isn’t blowing, nor does it need to fall back on fossil fuels. It remains as reliable as ever and as green as always.

Our datacentre facility has been designed and built to use electricity as efficiently as possible too.

Personal, Friendly, UK Customer Service

Our Green Hosting is available to our web design clients as well as other customers who want the benefits of this great service.

The added benefit for our web design clients is that we have detailed knowledge of their website and the hosting server environment which means we can provide a tailor made hosting plan and ongoing support. That is a pretty rare and very valuable combination.

Why do we need Green Hosting?

Second to the aviation industry, the powering of datacentres and cloud computing is reported to be the largest global contributor to carbon emissions. This is not the case with Green Hosting because it isn't powered by dirty fossil fuels. Websites using our Green Hosting are run entirely on renewable electricity, right here in the UK.

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