About Us

From the beginnings of Make Hay in 2004 we aimed to be so much more than a regular web design studio. We were, and still are, motivated by creating beautiful, accessible websites and doing business responsibly.

Who We Are

We are a tiny team of two but our plans are big. You might well be surprised by what a small studio can achieve, just take a look at our work. We’re not an agency and we manage each project ‘in house’ from beginning to launch and beyond. This means we get to know our clients really well and because we work with positive organisations we love what they do. We love what we do too!

How We Work

We work in partnership with our clients from the initial planning phase to website launch. Every project goes through a detailed and collaborative process to create a successful site for our clients and their audience. In this ever changing industry we’re evolving our skills alongside the technology and techniques but we don’t expect you to worry about those things.
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Green & Ethical Web Design

We’re not about being judgemental but we are about making a positive difference. That’s why we have ethical and environmental policies which guide our work. We always aim to be transparent in communicating why we say we’re an ethical business and put all of that information here on our website.
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