The Flower Deli

Beautiful edible flowers grown organically for chefs, bakers and mixologists

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People have told me they're really surprised that this is a new business when I have such a professional website. I've had so much positive feedback about how beautiful it is.

The Flower Deli home page

The Flower Deli The Flower Deli home page

Our Flowers section

The Flower Deli Our Flowers section

The Flower Deli blog

The Flower Deli The Flower Deli blog

The Flower Deli mobile views

The Flower Deli The Flower Deli mobile views

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The Flower Deli Case Study

The Flower Deli is a retail business based in the East Midlands, selling organic edible flowers to professional chefs, bakers and mixologists.

The main objective was to create a website which would act as an effective marketing tool, showing the flowers available and ideas on how to use them initially, with a view to developing it further into an online shop at a later date. As a new company with big plans it was vital to provide a basis on which the website can grow alongside the business itself.

The home page acts as a showcase, making the most of stunning photos of the flowers with relevant calls to action to make an order, find out more and read the latest news. Clever controls means that sections of the home page can be easily changed and adapted to make the most of seasonal offers, events or news.

The ExpressionEngine content management system allows full control of all areas of content, which is especially useful for updating the 'Our Flowers' section as different produce becomes available throughout the season. Each flower has its own entry with text descriptions and picture gallery and can be switched on and off from public view easily. Social media is integrated throughout the site as well as e-mail marketing with e-newsletter sign-up forms and a branded e-newsletter template.

Update: An online shop has since been added to, which fitted in seamlessly. The fully functioning shop allows customers to choose and add products to the basket, add discount codes and pay securely online using PayPal or credit/debit card. For the shop administrators a gallery of pictures can be added for each product along with a text description and other modifiers. Shipping costs are easily managed as well as 'shipped' and 'order complete' statuses, sending automated e-mails to the shop customer to let them know their edible flowers are on the way.

The Flower Deli website is powered 100% wind powered with Green Hosting.