News :: VAT and Make Mail Changes

Published: 26th Nov 2008 in News

New VAT Rate

As you’ve probably heard, the government has announced changes to the UK VAT rate which will be coming into force on Monday 1st December. The new rate will be 15% rather than 17.5%

Here’s how it affects you as Make Hay and Green Hosting clients

1. Any outstanding invoices sent to you before 1st December will need to be paid with the current 17.5% VAT rate. So, no changes will be needed.

2. Any new invoices issued after 1st December will state the new 15% rate

3. Any monthly subscriptions will be charged at the new rate from 1st December onwards

For our Green Hosting clients, who pay on a monthly basis, we will contact you all individually to give more details and re-start your subscriptions at the new rate. The good news is that you will be paying slightly less each month! Please look out for that e-mail from us as you will need to re-activate your subscription.

For further information about the VAT rate changes please visit the HM Revenue and Customs website:

Make Mail Downtime

For our Make Mail newsletter clients we have some great news.

The newsletter system is being upgraded to provide some new reporting features. The interface will look slightly different too but will be just as easy to use.

Whilst this upgrade is taking place you will not be able to log in to your Make Mail account on November 29th and November 30th.

However, subscribers will still be able to sign-up to your newsletter and the reporting features will continue to work in the background. You just won’t be able to log into your account over the weekend.

Next week you can begin to enjoy Make Mail’s new features!

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