Copyright and your Website

Published: 8th Jan 2008 in Ethical Web Design

Copyright symbolUnfortunately the rules around copyright and websites are not clear cut and if you want to know the finer details then we’d suggest you seek the advice of a legal professional. However there are some useful resources out there where you can find out the basics.

Whether you manage your own website or we do this for you you should still be aware of the general guides around copyright. The main two issues affecting you as a website owner are:

1. How do I protect my website and its contents?
2. How do I know when I can and can’t use someone else’s images, links, text etc?

One particularly clear document which has an extensive list of copyright FAQs (including answers relating to the above questions) is that of the Arts and Humanities Data Service. You can find that listed alongside other information at’s useful copyright resources.

With regard to the design and coding of your website you can be assured that we will not use another person’s HTML, code, images or text if we do not have permission to do so.

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