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ICANN Domain Verification

Tuesday, February 11th 2014 | Short URL

Recent changes to ICANN's (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) policies mean that some domain name owners will be required to verify their contact details via their domain registrar.

If you are required to verify your details you will receive an e-mail notification from your domain name registrar. Please be aware of any possible fake or spam e-mails imitating this request and always make sure that the e-mail is from your domain registration company.

Domain Suspension

You will be required to verify your details within 15 days of being asked to do so. Failure to do this within the 15 day timeline means that your domain will be suspended. Your domain registrar is obliged to make the suspension until your details are verified.

If your domain is suspended your site will not be available online and you will see a message like this at your web address (will vary depending on domain registrar):

ICANN Domain Warning

If we are the e-mail contact for a client's domain then we will carry out this verification on their behalf.

To find out more please see ICANN's information about verification of contact details.

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Ay Up Mi Duck - New Website!

Monday, February 10th 2014 | Short URL

We've designed, built and host this lovely one page mobile-ready campaign website for Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust.

Ay up mi duck mobile ready website

Find out more about it in our portfolio.

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A New Shop for ORCA

Monday, January 6th 2014 | Short URL

Last spring we created a fresh new website for the whale and dolphin conservation charity ORCA. The site has been exactly what they needed to highlight their work and get people involved and we've been really pleased to see it grow with new and exciting content.

Now, the latest addition to the website is the ORCA shop, which they commissioned us to build to sell their branded merchandise online. This new e-commerce system allows ORCA staff to fully manage products as well as other shop functions such as stock control, shipping and secure payments. For visitors the online shop is clear and very easy to use, with a basket for multiple items and a swift and secure checkout. It's mobile-friendly too!

ORCA online shop

Take a look at ORCA's new shop. Their clothing range of tops, hoodies and t-shirts are all made from 100% organic cotton.

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Climate Gardens - New Website!

Thursday, November 7th 2013 | Short URL

We recently launched this gem of a site for Climate Gardens, the organisation raising awareness and understanding of the effects of climate change on our gardens, parks and green spaces.

Climate Gardens home page

Climate Gardens on mobileOur commission involved initial consultation and site planning, copywriting support and creation of of a visual brand in-line with the existing logo. As well as design of responsive layouts, full HTML5 coding of all templates and implementation of the content management system.

More pictures of this project and features of the website can be found in our portfolio.

We provided training and support on writing and preparing online content for our client's audience as well as how to use the content management system. is powered by renewable energy via our Green Hosting service.


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Special birthdays, great greenness and inspiring movies

Thursday, October 31st 2013 | Short URL

Once again our clients continue to amaze us with their brilliant work and projects. Here's our latest...

Client News Roundup

Planetary Collective successfully met their Kickstarter target to create their feature length documentary. Check out the trailer, its incredible!

Climate East Midlands is on the hunt for good examples of low carbon schools to feature in new case studies.

Ethical Weddings shares some slow beauty tips to help green brides feel great.

Dummy Jim the movie was featured on BBC2's See Hear programme, available on iPlayer.

Lee Goater's fun, interactive exhibition of graphic art 'Faces, Anatomy of Autonomy' was opened in Leeds. You can also download the app 'Make a face' (available for iOS and Android). Here's the little face I made.

Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust sells vintage items from 1963 to celebrate their 50th anniversary.

Leeds Parent Partnership Service launches a new support group for those who care for a child with special needs or a disability.

Creative Nottingham celebrate their 4th birthday. We are proud to have been their hosting sponsors for the past 3 years

Foxglove Covert Local Nature Reserve's volunteers are interviewed on BBC Radio.

Fifi Bijoux reports on her Fairtrade Gold Conference speech in October.

Wayfarer Furniture launched in September - A furniture design and manufacturing company inspired by sustainability, urban lifestyles and cutting-edge technology.

We launched a brand new multi-lingual website for LifeMosaic who work with indiginous peoples all over the world, supporting them to make informed choices and getting their voices heard.

Climate Gardens is another new website developed by Make Hay. Climate Gardens has partnered with the RHS and Abundance to encourage understanding of climate change on our parks and gardens.

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